Becoming a Cardholder

Step 1

Contact or clinic by email or phone to setup an appointment with one of our doctors to better understand your concerns and needs when it comes to the condition(s) you wish to treat with a natural alternative.

Step 2

Obtain any medical records and/or lists of current prescriptions from your current doctor to bring with you to your appointment.  We will also give you the appropriate paperwork for the state of Montana, and we will help you fill out your portion.

Step 3

Bring all your records and state paperwork to the doctor appointment.  The doctor will sign your paperwork before you leave the office.  Bring the paperwork back to us and we will send it in to the state.

Step 4

Wait for the state of Montana to mail out your new card.  The state will also send our clinic a copy of your card with us listed as the provider.  You are now all set and ready to start treating whatever conditions are ailing you with a safe, non addictive alternative to big pharmaceutical.

Already a Cardholder?

If you already have your Montana card and are interested in switching providers, you can click on the link below to download the state's paperwork for changing providers. 

Change Provider Form